Dinner at Home, and the New Member of the Red Elvis Crew

fishAlice arrived the other day. Natchanan, her Thai name, weighed in at a whopping 2300 grams, or a shade under 5.5 pounds. She’s a tiny little thing, and 4 weeks early. Her little head barely fits in the palm of my hand, her new born diapers are droopy, and she’s a bit jaundiced, and has to stay an extra day to get a bit of light therapy, sort of like a tanning bed for babies. But heck, we’ll keep her, she just too damn cute for words…

Eat river fish, one of my wife’s aunts told her. Not sea fish, but the kind that swims in the river. I don’t know why, and I have the sense enough not to ask. We ate river fish, even though I’m not fond of it. When in Thailand just go with the flow…

Oh, yeah, and soy milk too. The warm kind, that you get from the cart guy that usually hangs out in front of the 7/11. His hot soy milk is the best. This is good for something as well. Again don’t ask, just happily go with the flow and get the soy milk… bb1

Oh, yes, banana blossoms. This is good for the milk production. That at least was clearly stated by my wife, who heard it from her mother, which was passed down from a long line of Thai wives, mothers, aunties, Ya’s (grandmothers) etc., etc…I thought we were being invaded by purple invasion of the body snatcher type pods. They’re all over the house…

Alice isn’t eating any of this, she busy getting a baby tan, and when i suggested bringing her out doors for a few rays of real sunlight on her little shirtless baby body, I got some kind of evil look, or more like a ‘what are you crazy, take a baby outdoors!’ We swaddle our infants, in a biblical way…She looks like a mummy!

Eat some lotus peddles, those are good as well. Mango too. I like mango, so I bought in to this. The basil chicken was for me, because it’s easy, and I even fried my own egg! I can do these kind of things, since I am a DIY baker, and the president and CEO of Red Elvis Inc. My wife however is the Chairman, which I’ve heard is still the top dog in most companies so I shall defer to her on all things food related.

…And baby stuff as well. Welcome to Thailand Alice. lotus mango


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