Happy Mothers Day to the New Mother, So I Made Bread (Thailand)

mb1This is late of course. It’s past Mother’s Day. But, it’s early, since Mother’s Day in Thailand isn’t until August, so I’m both late and early. Alice was early, so if that is any indication about the relevance of this post then it is OK that we are celebrating a day for mother’s both late and early. I hope I am making sense, but who cares, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.

So, bread is always a favorite in our house. We got a bit more sleep last night, since Alice was back in the hospital getting a baby tan. She is a bit yellow, which is common for babies, all of them, and especially for those born early.

After we picked her up I decided to make something that my wife likes. I mean it’s the least I can do. She did spend all that time carrying the child, and then went through the pain of birth only to have the kid taken away and put back in the hospital for her baby tan…

Make sense? Well. it’s OK, it’s my blog, and If I want to ramble on about any old thing, then I can. That’s what’s great about having your own space, or blog.

mb2My wife really like Japan. Most Thai’s do. They admire Japan, it provides jobs for them, and they love the food–They share a kinship with Japan, and things made in Japan, or that originate in Japan are very popular. With good reason, Japan has some quality stuff…

Including some tasty baked goods, such as Japanese milk bread made with Tangzhong, which is a water and flour paste which actually preserves the bread and makes it super soft. As soft as new born baby skin, hair, you get the picture…

It’s easy to make and it’s idiot proof, so this idiot makes it a lot, one because it’s good, and it makes my wife happy, and two, because I enjoy it, and there is something about the way the dough feels, and the fun part about making it in sections that really appeals to me…

mb3There are plenty of recipes out there. I avoid the ones with milk powder and use whole milk, eggs, and a fair amount of butter, 60 grams per 3 cups of flour. I also like to melt a bit of butter and honey on top after the loaves come out. This keeps the top nice and soft, but gives it that cool brown bread surface…

Anyway, Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all you knew and old mothers, and mothers to be. It was a nice day for all in my house. Little Alice came home, I got to cook, and my wife enjoyed her bread. What more can you ask for.


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