In Search of the No Name Pork Place, Chiang Mai, Thailand

pork 1It’s been a tough week. I went back to school. That means I have to adjust my schedule. No more sleeping until 11. I’m up, OK, yes, yes. I know. Get on the bike and go to ‘that’ place.

Today I sent my wife out to the no name pork place. I didn’t even know that it didn’t have a name, until I asked her. “Hey, what’s the name of that place?  “It has no name,” she told me.

Everything has a name, right? This place used to be a coffee shop. That didn’t do to well. I never saw a customer and I felt bad for the owner. Now it sells pork and chicken, and it’s doing quite well. It’s near the Ping, where the river bends, before you reach the dam. Fine pork, good chicken…

I once mentioned the lady in the cowboy hat, she’s a local legend. She sells the same kind of pork, but this is much better. The place with no name, on the bend of a river sells mighty tasty pork. Some days I’ll just get the urge, or a craving. I’ll be in the middle of something, and I’ll feel like pork. Not the cowboy hat lady. She has way to many customers, and she was on CNN once, only because she wears a cowboy hat and high heels and slings pork. This is better… pork 2

Just a heads up for those of you who are curious. The pork dish is called, Khao Kha Moo. It’s stewed pork hocks with rice. Doesn’t sound good? Well it is, and if you can find it good, you’ll have pork dreams like I have. You can get it with fat, or without. I like it mai aw man (without fat), and my wife likes hers with fat, hence the two photos so you can see for yourself and see which one looks better…

Give you a hint, farang (westerns) usually like it without, and Thai’s usually with.

So for the pork place that used to be a coffee shop, I salute you. You made the right career move. I see that you are now packed and you are smiling while handing out plates of stewed pork hocks (I’m guessing this is part of the leg). You can also try the Khao Man Gai (stewed chicken). If you ever find the name and the address please let me know, or I will post it when I find out…

Eat more pork… pork 3


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