Tangzhong Light Rye, Red Elvis Recipe (Thailand)

rye tangzhong1We use the Tangzhong method in our kitchen quite a bit. Baking bread is a process and it’s nice to look at something good, something that turns out well. Also, for economy, it’s nice to make something that is actually consumed. I hate waste, and bread goes bad quickly here. It’s hot, and after a few days bread gets moldy. I can put in the refrigerator of course, but that ruins the taste. Then it tastes like refrigerator, and since my wife is Thai and cooks Thai food (our leftovers), the bread begins to taste like chili and fish sauce, and that’s pretty disgusting….

So I’m thinking about the Tangzhong stuff–bagels at some point. Various Asian style sweet breads, rye and whole wheat. Sure why not, throw caution to the wind and make something up…

I’m pretty good and ‘winging it,’ and that’s one of the reasons I am in Thailand. My life, over the last 15 years, has for the most part, been ‘winged.’

So I said replace some of the flour with rye flour, add some gluten (sorry if this offends), and add brown sugar or honey instead of white sugar. I did some research and what I saw looked OK kind of flat and I like a big puffy piece of bread–and really that’s the idea behind milk bread, it’s light and airy, and puffy. So, how do you get the results, well you follow the basic Tangzhong recipe of milk, egg, butter, and Tangzhong (of course) and you rye it up, so to speak. Thirty percent or less rye flour, and the gluten (sorry again) because you want it light and tall and puffy!

rye tangzhong3It’s actually very nice. It’s rich and has a nice taste. A hearty bread, kind of rustic and full flavored. The complaint about milk bread is that it’s too sweet and a bit bland. Not so with the Rye Tangzhong. It’s a real rye bread, and it’s smells good, and it keeps well out of the refrigerator, not as well as the traditional milk bread, but after three days it’s still pretty soft…

I take it to work and add just a bit of honey. My wife puts it in the toaster and tops it with some condensed milk (Thai style). So I ‘winged’ it again and did a nice job. I’m patting myself on the back and thinking about what is next, perhaps the bagel, or the donut…

I’ll try anything once, and I really dig the Tangzhong stuff. I might just sell some soon and become a bread millionaire, or not…

if anyone wants the recipe I will certainly send it too you…

rye flourbread before


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