Only in Thai, Dim Sum, Another Restaurant with No Name (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

dimsum1Bloody hell! I say this and I am not even English. Another day, another restaurant, good food, good price, and it’s Dim Sum. I love Dim Sum, and I’d really like to recommend this place to my friends but the sign is in Thai, the menu as well, no one speaks a lick of English, and it’s full of Thai people. Another bad business move on their part (the owner). Doesn’t he realize that foreigners eat Dim Sum as well, and without a sign, even one made of cardboard that says –Hey, Farang, we have DIM SUM — he’s missing out on some good business. A few bucks, slap together an English language menu, and he’s golden, and I’m happy because I can say, “hey try that new place in Mae Hia, near the Rimping, right before you turn on to Canal Road, yes, yes, near the purple school building.”

That’s the best I can do.

dimsum6I like Dim Sum. Where I come from they wheel it around on small trays and you can choose your own. Here it’s similar, behind a glass and you can pick what looks good. Dim Sum is not associated with class. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. It’s associated with wheeled carts, grubby cafeteria style places, and cut rate hotels with all you can eat specials…

Yes, I love it, it looks real nice, but lacks any kind of pretense–it screams out cheap, kind of like the fake gold Christmas trees we’d associate with high style, even though we knew deep down inside our little child heads (and hearts) that it was cheap and tacky…

Sure we’ve got you Salapao and your Kanom Jeep (very tasty) and assorted other small steamed dishes with squid, mushroom, duck egg, and shrimp. The main dishes are average–Pad See Ew (fried noodles) and Fried Rice, Rice Soup, Thai Chinese basics served on plan blue plates (plastic, really), and the service is OK. You write down what you want and they bring it to you, n0t a word is spoken, lots of pointing, a few grunts, and then you can get what you came for, a table full of tasty Dim Sum!

dimsum7The hard part is finding the place, and if your preference is for eating inside or around the moat this place may be out of your range. Hang Dong, or Mae Hia residents take note–this is probably one of the better restaurants in the area, and its a shame that they won’t, or can’t cater more to the foreigners who live out here. Why not just pop in and give it a try, the more foreigners showing their collective faces, they may just get a hint. Though truth be told, the place is busy and they don’t much need us any way…

Dim Sum for foreigners. Hey, Dim Sum here. Can’t beat the price, bathroom tiles on the walls, no air conditioning, EST instead of Coke, 2 kindes of Fanta (Now that’s class!), and a real tasty sour sauce that you can use for dipping…

Out in Hang Dong we know how to live. We have a Big C and  Makro, and the planes fly low over out heads, a bit like living in Queens (New York) where you can find some tasty Dim Sum as well.



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