Chai Spiced Glazed Donut Muffins, Eat lots of Them (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

chai6Yes, ate several, because they are so good. The interesting thing about Chai spices, living in Thailand that is, is that a few of the them are the same as you would use for a good curry… No coincidence I guess since both Indian curry and Thai curry, especially Massaman, are pretty similar…with the exception of say, something like a coconut curry or green curry which are pretty much exclusive to Thailand (though I may not know what I am talking about which is OK, since no one will ever catch it anyway–I mean who really reads Blogs!)… Enough about curry, since this is a muffin, and a very tasty muffin indeed. I’m not sure what made me want to make something like this, I think it was more about a search for the non-traditional muffin, something in the middle ground between sweet and savory with lots of flavor, made without tons of sugar… chai5Nice, a big cup of Chai tea, which I tried to explain to my wife as she watched me grind up all the spices in our mortar. The cardamom, easy to find here, the cloves, a packet bought at the Big C, the ginger, allspice (home made), black pepper, and the nutmeg….Cinnamon, loads of it, for both the muffin and the nice spicy icing that goes on top… It really is a nice muffin, and I think the secret (besides the spices) is the creamed butter and sugar (I also used a 1/4 of coconut oil as well), light and packed with flavor–and it’s been a long time since I had a cup of Chai tea, maybe at Starbucks (Ha Ha), but more likely at an Indian restaurant in Laos, or in Thailand somewhere… The description of Chai tea continued with me droning on about spices and black tea, hot milk, and how it reminds me of the holidays, and a nice cool Fall day in New York… chai2 My wife had no clue. I drink coffee, and she drinks tea only at Chinese-Thai places and then it looks a bit orange and is served in small cups…Chai is foreign, and to her, the idea of drinking anything hot, especially steaming hot and with all those spices is not very appealing… The muffins she’ll eat, which is why I make them. Eat another. chai3


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