Pho Vieng Chun, Vietnamese Food in Chiang Mai (Cheap & Good)

vietnam 6Cheap and good is the way to go for us these days. You might want to add fast to the list, because as the parents of a newborn we don’t get a lot of time for a night out.

Dad works, Alice goes to the Doctor. The family waits, and waits, the Doctor takes forever. Alice gets a shot. Alice cries. That is the evening in a nutshell, and now it’s too late to cook (after 8pm) and we are all hungry. Let’s go to that Vietnamese place!!

I like the grilled pork with noddles. My wife likes the pork stuffed spring roll wrappers. The menu says ‘boiled fish,’ and if there wasn’t a picture no one would order it, because who cares about boiled fish. But it’s nice, and it’s covered with tasty leafy herbs, and there is a spicy bean sauce on the side. It’s got a nice selection of Thai inspired Vietnamese dishes, and they have lemon soda, which  I really like…

The prices are good as well, and you can sit outside, and the baby was so quiet I hardly knew she was there.

vietnam 7We don’t get Vietnamese around here much, which is surprising. Chiang Mai seems to have everything else. I don’t even care that a bunch of tourists on that website which I won’t mention (I just don’t like the idea of tourists recommending places) says it’s good. Of course it’s good–fresh food, good prices, quick, quick service, and the guys who run the place do a great job of handling just about everything…

I can’t complain, though when I’m eating there I’d swear I was eating at some South Florida mall type eatery, an outdoor type place, because all I see are foreign tourists in their shorts and goofy tee-shirts. I imagine that they’re reviewers, the food police, who’s sole purpose in life is to rid the world of bad food.

I see one, in the bushes, or hiding behind a bench, phone at the ready, furiously typing away while munching on a spring roll (fresh with basil of course, fried is so last year)…

vietnam 3He hasn’t spotted me yet. I’m trying to hide the baby from self-righteous clods who just love writing bad reviews…You slammed my favorite place, I want to shout at him. It was an off night, you’re just a cranky Hawaiian shirt wearing touristo clown!

Now I’m not down on crowd sourcing restaurant reviews. I’m guilty of that. I just know a few things, one, Thai’s get paid really low wages so excuse them for having an off night, and two, they aren’t very reliable and often show up late, or not at all (see reason one) so it’s usually hit or miss.

I won’t write a bad review, because mother told me (and I listen to my mom) if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

So on that note, I’m saying try Pho Vieng Chun, it’s good, it’s cheap, and it’s good and cheap…Enough said. It’s off the Sunday walking street (Radchadamneon Road) behind the Wawee Coffee.


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