Kitchen Experiments (Thailand), Making Some Kind of Mexican Food

mexican food 1A couple of things, one, sometimes I get tired of Thai food, my wife does as well, two, other foods, to buy or make, can get expensive here. Japanese, outrageously overpriced, American food, the same, Mexican, wow, a few beans, some meat, a couple of taco shells, forget it!

Taco Bell, we don’t have it, McDonald’s, KFC, we do, but it’s considered expensive, the kind of meal you maybe buy once a month, not like home where it is considered cheap. I’m in the mood for Mexican, but a Burrito will run me about 6 dollars, and I’m making 1,000 a month, and supporting my new family.

For a Thai meal, at even a pretty good restaurant I can get a meal for the two of us for 8 USD. I must admit for having a thing about Mexican food–and sometimes I sneak off for my fix, a 5 dollar Cheese Quesidia and a beer at one of the local (and over priced) Mexican places in town. Yes, call me selfish, but for the two of us, we stick with Thai, and the fact is, I’m a bit burned out eating Thai day after day.
mexican food 4I’m going to try something different, another kitchen experiment. I’m attempting to do something with a Mexican theme, and spend as little money as possible and see what I get. I present to you, a kind of a Mexican food, spring roll wrapped, Empenada or Taquitos (if there is such a thing). A spicy meat,  bean and cheese creation–Asian themed, and made quick and in one pan…

Because I’m bored with Thai food, and because my kitchen is low rent and consists of about 10 different items, a few knives, a wok, a few pans, assorted cheap bowels, and a cheese grater bought at the Thai dollar store. All I need to pull this off, and oh yes a pan of course, and the spring roll wrappers, the smallest carton of sour cream, some tomatoes, cilantro, and a packet of powdered Taco mix (next time I will make my own), free cheese, and a can of red kidney beans which I crushed with one of my bent forks….

mexican food 5Not bad, and I did this all while my wife and baby Alice slept in the upstairs bedroom.  Kitchen experiment Mexican, which wasn’t half bad. My wife liked the Salsa, though I thought it was the weakest part of the meal. The spring roll wrappers were interesting, but next time I use two, and like I said–spice wise, I’ll make my own using chili powder and curry powder, more garlic…

Beef-less because beef is mega expensive here, and not very good. Next time, always next time, but if I’m going to make these real good (OR WELL, MR. ENGLISH) I need to make a few changes…

All and all not bad, and tomorrow I’ll eat Thai food and be a little less bored.

mexican food 3




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