Mini Carrot Cakes In Thailand (Chiang Mai)….

IMG_3204Week 7, or week 8, I don’t know. It’s around that time where you just hit a wall. I’m talking about teaching here in the “Land of Smiles.” It’s not that fun, exciting, rewarding, or anything, just fill in the blank with a positive thing and, well, it just isn’t…

So, it’s more fun to just sit home on a Saturday, or a Sunday, or why not just call in sick—and make something. Yes, that’s fun, rewarding, exciting, or anything else (fill in the blank with a positive word).

carrot cake 2Hell, it beats teaching.

So if you’re considering a job as a teacher just say ‘no.’ You may as well be a dog catcher, or a chimney sweep, or a call center rep and work for a soulless company. Heck, I work 50 hours a week, and I make practically nothing (money that is), and the Thai education system is one of the worst in the world…

And, English teachers (especially ESL teachers) are every negative stereotype you’ve read about. That includes the teachers in my nameless school. Cook something, make a pie, or a cake. All the bakers in the world unite and show me your cookies!!!!

Look, I’ve worked for a living, and say all the terrible things about working–sure humiliating comes to mind, boring, drudgery, but actually, looking back I’ve had some good jobs–and teaching in Thailand isn’t one of them. So stay home, make some extra money and just kick back and make things—bread or bagels, Japanese sweets, American sweets, sell French Fries on the side of the road, marry a Thai and open a Durian farm–Hey grow bamboo, it’s good for the environment, you can build with it and you can even eat it. So what you only get 15 baht a kilo. Grow a lot of it, it beats sitting in a classroom.

carrot cake 4Run out and buy an oven, and a mixer. What’s the alternative? Get up at six, get on your scooter and nearly get yourself killed by these lousy Thai drivers, who have one eye on their mobile phone, and another eye on that pretty bird flying in the sky above their car (yes, Thai’s, like you and I, have only two eyes as well)…

Get to school, teach, do tons of useless paper work, go to endless meetings, work on the weekends at some ridiculous English Camp, or sit around listening to endless speeches in Thai.

Sell Roti on the side of the road. It’s better for your health…Sell bananas or peanuts, start a tour company. Write a Blog that no one reads, or work on the Great American (Thai style) Novel. Focus in on your career as a Hobo. Take a class in basket weaving! Go insane! Cook something.


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