Apples Everywhere, So Make Something (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

apple muffin 3I haven’t written a post in a while.  I’ve been busy, or distracted, or both. That happens and sometimes you sit down to write and nothing comes. Just a big black whole. Tonight I thought about apples, or the irrational apple situation in Thailand. I could have been thinking about the incident that happened in Bangkok a few days ago, and I did for a bit, or why the stock market dropped 500 points in one day, which I also did, at great length this morning when I checked the Internet. 500 points, really? And I thought things were going so well.

Back to apples, which sounds insane, because there are a million other things to think about. The New York Mets are in first place, the stock market goes insane, there’s an incident in Bangkok, and I’m back to apples…

apple muffin 2Why is Thailand full of apples? I mean, I’ve never seen so many different kinds, and they’re everywhere. I went into the Big C and there were apples, not just one kind but half a dozen. Likewise Makro, the Costco of Thailand, bags of them, from all over Asia, China, New Zealand, Australia–with names like Fuji, Granny Smith, Rome Beauty. I guess we’re growing apples here, but it’s hot (summer) and I keep telling my wife that I used to love apple picking in the States, and it always happened when the weather was cool–I mean Fall, October, or even November. I was wearing a coat.

These apples are OK. Though some are a bit mealy, and some downright suck. The kind I bought looked OK, and I’m sure they were from New Zealand. Is it cold down under now (the answer is yes)?

apple muffinThai’s don’t eat apples. They sit and no one seems to buy them. But still they are there, 1000’s of them, and lonely, very lonely, sitting next to the water melons, durian, pineapples, and the jack fruit. Of course my wife just walks on by, but I just stop and stare and wonder why.

The irrational apple of Thailand. Things don’t make a whole lot of sense here, so just deal with it, and pick up a few for the house, Make something, a pie, a tart, or a muffin.


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